Waking Up in the foam of soap and a stack of spirit

18 Des

Writer: Monas Junior

Translate By Jennifer Agustia from “Terbangun di antara sabun dan tumpukan semangan (Indonesia version)”

Every time i wake up from a perfect sleep, i will always call your name. When your not there, i will call your heart. And you are going to speak cheerfully with a jest like the dew on leafs. “What’s wrong, losing your wife, huh?” You said with a fake denial, although i do that because afraid of losing my wife. But, my yearning will be disappear. I am relieved.

In another day, when my drowsiness have not been disappear – i think i can sleep for about one or two more hours – i will seek your tiny body from your daily routine. And you will show that fake spoiled rejection. “Take a bath, your body not smells good.”

And then, you scream slowly when my wet lips touch your cheek. And you back to your routines, with foam, clothes, and a stack of cleaning spirit in our empire.

In another day, you will rush your body, jump in to my arm and give me a big tight hug. Just when i wake up when you are still being next to me. Not far from my side. Now my turn. You kiss my cheek, my brow, my eyes, and my lips, wet because of your passionate love. Then, you will chase the foam, clothes, and stack of spirit, as always. You are too ordinary to know, how your absence make me restless. Incomplete. And being too childish.

Then, why don’t you ask about my restlessness every time i wake up? Whereas, if you know the reason, you will fly to the glorious heaven with gold wings of love.

And why don’t you ask about my loss every time I open my eyes from last night deep sleep? Whereas, if you know, you will not dare to leave me with that heavy disappointment.

Now, i will let you know. In order to give explanation how great my love to you. My little beautiful girl.

When first time I open my eyes after deep sleep, I am scare if suddenly I lose you. It will be scarier if I have to find you out without obvious destination. It will be easier to find you in the foam and a stack of spirit, than to find you out between files of the last Glory of Jambi which is shabby because of the severe forgetness of the newly people.

I have no power to run, because my legs are your heart. I have no power to touch, because my hands are your soul. And i have no power to think, because my brain is your smile. All of those, from my first life to my last breath, is you. Woman who subdue my heart.

So, what will I do, when the first time I open my eyes after deep sleep, you are not in my side? What will I do to my life, if suddenly you change become a mist?

You are the greatest part in my body and soul. My absence, is your apparent. I am complete when you are in my side. I beg you, don’t you dare to be away from me, after i open my eyes. But when i am forced, let me just find you out between foam, clothes, and a stack of spirit. And if you have time, make my cheek, my forehead, my eyes, and my lips wet with your pervent love fragrance.(*)

Jambi – Indonesia 2014

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