Life is Difficult, So What?

09 Jun

What is the most difficult thing in life? The answer is, absolutely all thing! Breathing, walking, sleeping, waking up, until you back to sleep again. So, what is the easy thing in life? It is also difficult, because there is nothing which is difficult. Do you understand? If not, i wont blame you. Because i don’t understand, either. It is difficult to be understood. Seriously!

Then, you begin to be mad, when i start telling you about how difficult this life is. And how all thing become difficult, stuck, and yell as the suffering life we are facing. You are mad more and more, when you know that beautiful answers will never come, moreover with the smiling face. While they come with the perfect wrinkle in the edge of their lips. With endless long scowling. Then you mad more and more and more, when you realize those difficulties are too perfect. Make you confuse enough. (A friend said, “hold some thing, when you are confused”. How is it? Why should we hold something when we are confused. Weird! Dont take this seriously)

Again, I don’t blame you. Because, life is difficult. (It is). So what, if this life is difficult. What should we do?

Well. Lets talk slowly. In order we take it easy. You my best mistake.

Do you know the story about Adam? If you know, they (Adam and Eve) had mistake in heaven, then they were sent down to earth to be punished. Yes, to be punished. He and his child, his grand child, and all his descent have to spread on earth. To live the choice, good or bad life. Then it will end on a certain day to come back to heaven. Of course after they pay all the badness they have done on earth.

Look, how this story figure out obviously what we are going to face on this round land. You, and I, and all of us are punished. It’s impossible for the person who are punished enjoy all thing. Whereas the freedom is the lowest measure we ever reach. (I see Your scowling is longer. And also the wrinkle on your forehead. Be calm, this is just the beginning my dear, my longing).

We are the prisoners in a huge prison. The unseen thick lattice. With the perfect limit, is it make us free to do everything except thinking? No, is it? So, think as wide as you can, as want as you want it, and as eager as you need.

Be a fish in the muddy water which not float. Swim against the stream when it’s strong, follow the stream when it’s weak, and swim to the edge when it need food. Try to be the strongest, frisky, and fastest fish, then you can survive alive, and become the champion on the water which full of enemies.

Because, my dear,  at the end all of us will be the champion of each part wich is acted. No body lose, all of us are the winner if we realize how difficult to be eternal champion on the spinning earth, I don’t know until when. (This is the most difficult part to be explained. But I hope you know what that mean, my King of my Heart)

Alas Love, life is difficult, so what? We have no idea to do what to do? So let it go, make all the difficulties become our habit. Which make us find all easiness and happiness. Because you know, you have a strong heart like armour. Love as wide as the sea, and view as tall as the sky and stars.

Life is difficult, let it be. But we may not feel difficult. (And sorry, if these words make you difficult to understand. But you know, one day you will understand as well)

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